Hilltop Dental Group: Your Denver Dentist

Welcome to Hilltop Dental Group. Dr. Marat Fainberg and his professional dental team at Hilltop Dental Group are dedicated to providing the highest quality dentistry in Denver. Dr. Fainberg, the lead Dentist at Hilltop Dental Group, is focused and passionate about providing all patients with relationship-focused dental care in a welcoming and caring atmosphere. With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Fainberg has successfully brought beautiful smiles to hundreds of patients throughout the Denver metro. An emphasis on your dental care needs places Dr. Fainberg & Hilltop Dental Group ahead of other dentists in Denver.

Choosing the professional, family-focused dental care at Hilltop Dental Group is choosing experience and treatment you can trust. We seek to build a relationship with all of our patients and their families. Promoting an enjoyable dental care experience for all patients is our highest priority. Hilltop Dental Group offers more than just traditional teeth cleaning and dental checkups. Our variety of cosmetic dentistry options can help restore your love for your smile. Dental implants, Invisalign, veneers, crowns, fillings and professional teeth whitening can bring back your confidence in your smile. Why continue to worry about your teeth when we can bring you the healthy smile you have earned?

We are Denver’s leading Invisalign Provider

With Hilltop Dental Group, your comfort and satisfaction is our success. Whether you are seeking cosmetic dentistry, invisalign, dental implants, crowns, fillings or other dental care, you will receive close individual attention and education from an experienced Dentist: Dr. Fainberg and his dental care experts are dedicated to providing the healthy smile you deserve. We pledge to deliver the highest possible level of individual dental care using the state-of-the-art equipment with careful attention to detail. At Hilltop Dental Group, it is our priority to create an inviting environment to promote top-quality dentistry in Denver and beyond.


Smiles: Our team is dedicated to happy and healthy smiles.

Integrity: We honor the highest ethical standards, and we treat our patients and each other fairly and honestly.

Excellence: We demonstrate passionate commitment to excellence in all that we do.

Innovation: We find and implement the latest technology to meet our patients’ various needs.

Teamwork: We use teamwork to maximize our strengths and enhance our service to patients.

Marat Fainberg, D.D.S.

“I treat patients with the utmost sincerity and compassion. My vision of dentistry is improving patients’ oral health with the most up-to-date technology and highest ethical standards. Providing gentle and painless dentistry is my #1 priority, and patient satisfaction is my personal goal as a dentist.” - Dr. Fainberg

Dr. Fainberg has been practicing dentistry since 2004. His new office is his next step in providing exceptional dental care to all of his patients. He has completed dental training in the US and abroad. His diverse experience has allowed him to develop a unique approach to his vocation of practicing dentistry.